The opposite case would be the elision or omission of certain words Guyana Email List or expressions to avoid unnecessary repetitions. Therefore, a balance should be established between the repetitions that can help to follow the idea presented and its elision. The textual markers or Guyana Email List connectors. They are lexical units, made up of one or more words, which will serve to establish relationships Guyana Email List between the text segments. We can specify three large groups: Argumentative (they mark differences between two parts of the speech): in addition, however, even so, consequently … Reformulators (they allow us to explain the above in another way): rather, in short, that is … Structurers (organize the speech): first, then by the way Guyana Email List In short,

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a scientific article, like any type of text, to be able to communicate its information effectively must be coherent, cohesive and fit the context. Cohesion and coherence in the scientific article Guyana Email List Delgado | September In previous posts, we have been talking about how to adapt the article to the context in which the publication is to be made, specifically, to the scientific journal Guyana Email List and its regulations. However, adequacy is only one of the three textual properties that should guide the writing process. The other two, and no less important, are coherence and cohesion . The consistency can conceive the text as a unit of meaning, so that the various parts are related to the topic or main idea and the reader can Guyana Email List understand the overall meaning. To achieve a coherent text we must take into account the following aspects:

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The main topic of the article develops without contradictions Guyana Email List or repetitions of the information provided. An adequate selection of information must be made (neither scarce nor Guyana Email List excessive) and the ideas must be arranged in a logical manner. Bear in mind the knowledge shared by the sender and the recipient, both of the world and the context of the speech, in this way Guyana Email List important information will not be elided or taken for granted. In addition to this, to achieve a coherent text , cohesion must be taken into Guyana Email List account , understood as the way to unite or relate the different statements or paragraphs.

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