There is no need for a competition between man and machine for the time being. Certainly for now, it is mainly a competition between AI experts against each other. Anyone who uses the possibilities that AI has in the smartest way can achieve a huge advantage. 2. Voice: users speak more Voice is one such trend that does not unleash a total change overnight, but continues to develop structurally. It is precisely through the use of artificial intelligence that speech technology is increasingly able to understand what you really say and actually mean.

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Through AI, the technology learns from the use itself. As it is used more and more, the speed of improvement is increasing exponentially and voice is potentially in a huge acceleration. It is not for  that Finland Phone Number is at the top of the agenda at companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple. The current figures are already quite impressive: The Google Assistant now has more than 500 million(!) users all over the world. The Google Assistant is already built into more than 1 billion devices. According to the National Center for Voice and Speech in the US, people speak an average of 150 words per minute and type an average of 40 words per minute.

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On average, searches via voice search are therefore a lot longer. Google Assistant is already available in 30 languages, in more than 90 countries around the world. Messages are proving very popular with voice purchases. More than 20% of all voice purchases now consist of groceries . Voice is especially popular among teenagers. They simply grow up with it. More than 55% (!) of teenagers use voice search on a daily basis. 11.5% of smart speaker owners use it at least once a month to also transact. Until now, many open questions have been via voice (how, what and where).

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