greater scope of our research and our reputation as researchers in the area of ​​knowledge India Phone Number List studied. To neglect the translation process would be to condemn our reputation with Anglo-Saxon readers. The neatness, rigor, exigency and urgency with which the manuscript has been drawn up must be transferred in an identical way to the English version, so resorting to a native speaker who knows our field of research will be mandatory if we want to India Phone Number List maintain the quality of our publication. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr India Phone Number List Reddit Viber Messenger Print Email The main core of scientific journals lies fundamentally in their peer review process . Even if a publication has a first-rate Scientific.

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Council, editors of great relevance within a scientific India Phone Number List community or the journal is from a renowned university or research center, the pillars of its scientific character are precisely the quality of its reviewers. , who with their expert opinions, evaluate and value the proposed research. In peer review (or peer review ) -which does not necessarily mean that they are two or multiples India Phone Number List of two, but rather acts as a synonym for “homologues” – different modalities can be presented: Single-blind (simple): In which the India Phone Number List authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, but the reviewers do know the authors.

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Double-blind ( blind pairs): Neither party (authors and reviewers) India Phone Number List knows the identity of the other. Open : In this system both authors and reviewers know their identities and allows authors and reviewers to dialogue in the review process. Collaborative (collaborative): Also called -erroneously- ” blockchain review “, since it is a collaborative platform (forum type) in India Phone Number List which the manuscript under review is exposed and in which the authors and reviewers can interact without intermediaries, without neither knowing the identity India Phone Number List of the other. Third-Party (by third parties):

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