The user knows that his time is limited. so brands need to redouble their efforts to gain the interest and attention of customers and get them to understand the messages in question. seconds. You can purchase the book at this link . 10. Digital Marketing Course. by Miguel Florido And we close this list of 10 digital marketing books with Miguel Florido. digital marketing and social media consultant. This text allows the reader to know one of the professions most demanded by Peruvian companies and startups or from other countries. Miguel Florido gives the example of his blog. which has exceeded 1.6 million visits per month and 120.000 subscribers.

Conversion funnels and monetization are the most interesting sections of the content and help you expand your customer base. You can purchase the book here . Now that you know these 10 digital marketing books . it can encourage you to have more than one and start specializing in the field that you like. Also. if you want to know more about the SEO positioning of websites . and make your digital business more profitable. do not hesitate to contact us here . Peruvians have many things in common. Yes. surely you are thinking about chelas or the passion for football. but apart from this. we never give up. And in the face of adversity. we light the fuse of imagination to start innovative businesses.

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These ventures. together with the New zealand whatsapp number list of technology. have allowed the development of startups in Peru . In the following lines. we will learn which Peruvian startups have been developed in recent years and also those that have taken advantage of the waves of the pandemic to stay afloat and find growth opportunities. What is a startup? This term defines ventures that have a close relationship with technology. These are businesses with innovative ideas that stand out in the market supported by new technologies. However. many will wonder what is the difference between a startup and a small or micro company?

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The answer is that a startup is characterized by being a scalable business and growing much faster and more efficiently than an SME. Characteristics of a startup Startups in Peru and anywhere in the world have similar characteristics : They are young enterprises that have two options: evolve and achieve success or “close shop”. They are scalable. that is. they have the capacity to generate income. increase their production and sales without the need to increase expenses. Look for the need of the market and rely on technologies to cover it. They have reduced costs with the premise of obtaining benefits more quickly. Startups in Peru that are telling the time In Peru we have startup models that really inspire those of us who are somehow involved in the world of the technological revolution.

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For example. they highlight: nanolife Christian Carnero and Jessica Márquez are biotechnological engineers and founders of Nanovida. One of the startups in Peru dedicated to health. They created a healing. anti-inflammatory and antiseptic gel. made from silver nanoparticles and native plant extracts with healing properties. However. due to the pandemic. they turned their work towards copper nanoparticles detecting health benefits on surfaces. Which would help prevent contagion by Covid-19. Nanovida won the Startup Chile Seed 24G and they were present in the first Health Innovation Award.

In other words, container recognition and tracking. through the use of artificial neural networks and the use of IP cameras. Adolfo Pizarro is the Chief Technology Officer of Veronica Core. Technically responsible for the development and operation of the systems in execution. This system. which is already being use by Sunat in the customs sector. Was finance by Innóvate Perú from the Ministry of Production in 2013-2014 with an investment of 450 thousand soles. Veronica core emptor In a world where technological modernity has opened the doors to various advances. Unfortunately scams and fraud have also crept in. In a context where strengthening security is more necessary.

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