However, what is the use of having many visitors to our website if none of them buy anything? This is where the CRO comes into play. Would you also like to know how the use of this strategy can help your brand? What is CRO? CRO, an acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization in English, is a term that is booming today. Thanks to him, there are already many companies that are improving the results of their sales on the Internet as well as their income figures.

The CRO is a set of techniques and tools whose ultimate goal is to increase the number of visitors to a web page that will ultimately become customers of that brand. For example, if we have a website for makeup products that receives Indonesia whatsapp number list a very high number of monthly visits but the number of purchases made on it is very low, it means that something is not going as planned. But with the advent of CRO techniques, this can be effectively fixed. The CRO helps you convert.And we are not just talking about selling more. We can find many types of conversion.

You Can Have Sales as an Objective

or you can have leads as an objective, for example. Conversion Rate Optimization tries to increase the conversion rate, even if the traffic remains the same. If you are wondering, what is conversion rate? It’s time to talk about her. The conversion rate or ratio of a web page is the percentage that we obtain by dividing the number of objectives achieved by the total number of visits to a website. In other words, this is the metric that measures the success of a website. For example, if this month you have achieved 20 sales through your website and you have had 600 visits, your conversion rate is 3.3%,

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which will be the result of dividing the 600 visits you have had by the 20 final sales what have you got Or, for example, imagine that you have a web page that is financed through user subscriptions, and that out of every 300 visits only 3 subscribe to your web page. This means that your conversion rate is 1%. At this point it is necessary to ask yourself, “what can I do to change my conversion rate?” The answer is simple: use CRO techniques to optimize the conversion rate.

The Six Steps of Cro the Cro

as we have already mentioned, is a strategy that seeks not only to generate more traffic to our website, but also for the visits to become clients of our brand and generate a profit for us. This strategy is based on a process that consists of six phases to be successfully fulfilled. Identify the problem and analyze it: Through an analysis of our website we will know where our conversion rate is. If it is an extremely low rate then we will know that there is a problem and we will have to analyze it in order to find a solution. For example, one of the problems may.

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