Measuring performance of website videos Videos on your website are more than attractive image filling. They can help achieve the objectives of the page, your site, and your entire brand. On your website, the intention and needs of your visitor are often different than on social, so that the approach of the videos automatically changes (or should be). A video on a landing page often has an important supporting function. For example, you can use video on your website to share your mission or to convey your brand identity, but also to provide more information about your product, show an instruction, or tell something essential about the purchase process.

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Also read: Back to ‘stupid’, YouTube SEO & 5 other developments for online video Whether your main goal is that a relatively large number of visitors Menu Afghanistan Phone Number your video and do not drop out too early, or that they click through to your webshop after watching, contact us or request a quote: you only find out whether your website video is successful, by measuring and analyzing video performance. It is essential that you compare this performance against the performance of the entire page or website . Someone who is measuring the video performance. Website video performance. The whole picture Just like with your social videos. You can measure and evaluate the performance of videos on your website.

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Different types of results are important here. Instant results If you a video via YouTube or Vimeo, you can view the immediate results by logging into these platforms. Then you can think of: Number of viewers Viewing time Number of ‘seek’ moments (‘search’ through the video) Number of fullscreen views These are all metrics that come directly from the viewer’s interaction with the video. These are absolutely relevant and important, but at least as important are the indirect results (from watching the video). Indirect results. If you want to see the whole picture and interpret the statistics as accurately as possible. You have to look beyond the instant video results.

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