In times of constant change and evolution ”. It is an exercise that we have to do consciously. business models have changed and if we do not learn new ways to approach potential customers we could be wasting time and losing opportunities. We have to stop doing the strategies that worked before. today the consumer has changed and will not be the same. we all change and evolve in purchasing and mobility habits. In order to relearn. we first need to think differently. change our paradigms. experiment again without fear of making mistakes. because that is where great projects and good practices are born.

As a conclusion. we first have to be humble and accept that we have to change our way of thinking. remove paradigms. personal effort. courage to innovate. losing the fear of making mistakes. I end with this phrase by Alejandro Jodorowsky: “ If you want to know everything you don’t know. get rid of everything you know ”. Today more than ever it is crucial that the marketing teams of companies can develop a good marketing campaign that provides a good return on investment for the company. Let us remember that due to the pandemic for many this has implied budget cuts and other challenges that lead marketing to demonstrate its value once again. for example. as we have mentioned .

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In the case of Mexico the investment in Mexico whatsapp number list went from a projection from 182 billion pesos in 2019 to 149 billion this year. If your brand seeks to take advantage of marketing to boost itself in the midst of the crisis. it is important to ensure that everything goes well in the development of the next marketing campaign. therefore. this time we highlight a checklist that will help you achieve it. As highlighted by MarketingProfs . these are the guidelines to cover in order to develop a good marketing campaign: 1. Identify the goal The first point to complete are the goals. without them the campaigns cannot really advance or be generated. It is impossible to justify the budget if no one knows what you will be doing with it.

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In addition. the tactics cannot be decided because you will not know which ones will help to fulfill what is needed. According to the source. the good news is that setting goals can be a simple task. Identifying them is considered the easiest step in this entire planning process. The person in charge should only ask themselves what is the most important thing they want to. Happen as a result of a campaign. for example. they can seek to have more subscribers for the company’s newsletter. generate more leads for a new product. have more registrations for an event. among other things.

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These simple goals help set the stage for the marketing campaign. and leave room for more specific goals. Choose the objectives Speaking of those objectives. The source points out that these are due directly to the goal. whether the goal is broad. The objectives will always be specific. While a goal can be singular. the objectives can be numerous. Taking as reference the cases mentioned in the previous point. For example. the person in charge of the marketing campaign can establish that he seeks. To obtain 200 new subscribers weekly for his newsletter during the next month of September. Or he can establish the generate 50 new leads interested in your product by September 30.

The key idea is that the objectives are well defined and that they work under the well-known SMART format. That is. that they are specific. measurable. achievable. Realistic and limited in time. as in the previous examples. With a defined objective under the indicated format. it will be possible. To think more strategically about the planning of the campaign. Set a budget Once you have goals for your marketing campaign. It’s time to talk about money. the favorite topic of many. Setting a budget. In the words of the source. can be considered a necessary evil. The last thing you want is for your superiors to be wondering why marketing. Spent $10.000 when they could have spent $20.000 and gotten better results.

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