There is no great director today Obviously there is and obviously it will come out. However the Ozu I mentioned is also the great love of many directors including Wim Wenders. So Wenders has said that there is obviously an Ozu out there somewhere but is there an audience to see him And there is the big question. The great directors like Rossellini or Pasolini at some point said there is no point in doing what I do no one sees it. So I have to work on cultivating an audience. And Rossellini says I will make films for television since television is the tool to educate an audience. He makes films for television wonderful but because they are Rossellini they remain inaccessible. I didn’t see them anywhere on any TV channel. And they are movies DL It was a delusion. PR Yes they are films to educate the people.

In other words

He says let Socrates the Medici Pascal that is let the people be educated in order to build an audience. With a great lack of modesty I will Image Masking Service tell you about myself I have not helped mainstream photography. There have been many photographers who became good and were my students. In essence I leveraged existing talents. But I have helped create a slightly more cultured audience. Therein lies the great secret. Families can’t because they too have suffered the decline of intellectual interest the schools have gone bankrupt so how will this new public be created DL What I call tradition that is you call it PR  delivery is not enough delivery is not enough.

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Tradition is also a cover

That is when you put tradition in front of you as a shield you say this is tradition. You have to make the delivery. . So there is the first big issue Singapore Lead of art for me. If I see it poetically as Dimoula said what is a poem It is to build a tree in the desert. That is art is that there is something else beyond what we see. When Proust says we are grateful to the great artists because without them we would not have known other galaxies that is the world of Fellini the world of Proust the world of Bach is another world that makes this much more bearable and dear to me world of material senses. So art is a marriage of memory sensitivity imagination of senses leading to the spiritual version of this world.

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