That we can download any movie we want when I used to run to the farthest cinemas to see a movie I miss. I have twelve thousand movies in my house where we once had five and considered that an achievement. I won’t complain about having cheap good machines I won’t complain about having nice editors just the more I have tell you something the internet which unfortunately has been misunderstood by most is a sack of information nothing more. It’s worse than an oldtime dictionary because the oldtime dictionary at least gave you the feeling that some serious scientists had done it and it was presumably correct.

Is very useful but you constantly

Get the feeling that it has too many mistakes and it has mistakes terrible mistakes terrible mistakes. In other words I have clicked on it I have Logo Designs Service exposed myself based on this information. DL On the internet the knowledgeable is the one who can choose the right information. PR Well done. And I will tell you something very simple. We Google one word one word and basically . times out of we end up on the first page. No information on the other pages Well we don’t usually go. Because for some reason we are seduced by the first page. So the whole history of the internet and the digital age is about criteria. The God of the internet has given us a lot of information this has increased our obligation to become wiser DL Correct. PR At all levels  of letter families.

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When I was a lawyer

We published a legal magazine the printer had two families and put the letters one by one. Now he has a hundred and he chooses. At the beginning Singapore Lead the graphic designers put five families in each document now they calmed down learned chose and I believe the same will happen with photography. So I hope this frenzy of exaggeration will pass people will understand that there is no reason to photograph anything. But I also come back to something we said before because we touched on a lot and left it at that such as why I photograph and how I start. To remember how we all started taking pictures. We were photographing the things that were our life our memories the important memories.

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