In general, most development professionals base their work systems on general methodologies, with features that sound like Chinese and with an unaffordable price. It’s time to clarify all your doubts about web design and development. They are not the same: While web design refers to the appearance of the page (aesthetics, logo, design, graphics, color…), development focuses on internal functions . The attention of the visitors depends on the design.

Solutions to web problems depend on development , among other things. In the first , tools based on design are used, such as PhotoShop , while in the second, programming techniques and systems are used. JavaScript is a good example. With Norway WhatsApp Number List web development, the developers will be your goblins. You will never see them, but they will always be there to make the page work quickly and efficiently. The most difficult thing is to get the initial approach right:

Strategy, Slogan, Style, How to Convert

the user into a customer… It depends on what you are looking for. If you are a company that needs a differentiated online presence, or a self-employed person who needs to make himself known and increase his visibility , stay, because this is your place! Steps prior to the development of your website: what you should not forget Take note! But don’t be scared, because your Project Manager will be with you throughout the process: Prepare the briefing.

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It is nothing more than a sketch of what you need to advertise on the internet (objectives, ideal client, specific needs, style, budget, etc.). Together, we will review each product or service, we want to quickly capture the essence of your business. Proposal of 3 designs in pdf. This way you can get an idea of ​​how the design of the Home and two internal pages will look. While we work on these points, we will ask you to write the services of your company.

What Do You Tell Your Clients?

Who are you? What differentiates you from the competition? We need this information to convey your essence and brand values. We will not start building your website without these steps for a simple reason: your content is the seed we cultivate to collect a strong and healthy website. We know that this part can be a little more expensive, but it is worth it. Do you want a spectacular website? Find it in Fuenlabrada Let’s dig a little deeper into these steps.

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