Hate speech has spread like wildfire on social networks, given how easy it is to share without the need to expose yourself too much. The haters have proliferated in an environment where they know they are protected behind the screens. To combat this situation, the project ‘No more haters. Break the chain of hate!’ This is a social awareness campaign launched by Fad and Maldita. with the support of Google.

The Objective of This Is that Adolescents

And young people learn to identify and properly handle the hate speech that they frequently face in their online lives. In fact, according to a study by the Reina Sofía Center, 34% claim to have suffered some type of mistreatment on the Internet or Tunisia WhatsApp Number List social networks (personal jokes that they do not like, acts of exclusion or threats, among others). In addition, 38.1% say they have seen, in the last year, “pages where people post messages that attack certain individuals or groups.”

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The project stems from the need for them to become aware when it comes to distinguishing the borders. Between what is acceptable and what is intolerable. This becomes essential above all because young Spaniards face ideologically and politically charged messages at an early age. When they do not have sufficient preparation to properly assimilate them.

They Can Work on Values ​​and Emotions

In this way, they can work on values ​​and emotions, in addition to learning to think critically. And develop their own emotional intelligence. They themselves are aware of how important digital literacy is in order to combat hate speech. The “No more haters” campaign by Fad and Maldita. Faced with this reality, the campaign, designed by the Arnold agency , proposes to adolescents and young people between the ages of 14 and 29 to mobilize against manifestations of hate. For this, the message will be disseminate through social platforms until the end of 2021. It is made up of two 40” and 15” spots, a display piece, various tests aimed at identifying misinformation, audiovisual pills and a sticker that can be used before comments. offensive.

«Join ‘No more haters’ . The movement with which to learn to identify, stop and report offensive comments to break the chain of hate. Identify it. Stop it. Report it.” That is the call to action that this movement uses and that we can hear in the ad. This includes images of all kinds of young people demonstrating and confronting hate speech.

Likewise, an educational app is made available to users to internalize the keys to combating hate. In it there are games that consist of guessing words related to this feeling, identifying misinformation and being the protagonists of situations as a victim or witness to know how to react. The web-app includes the option to play in class mode for the classroom.

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