GDPR, third-party cookies… Changes in the digital world are practically constant and companies, in line with the need to adapt, have to combine their functions with the new reality. This is a problem? Many bet on seeing the glass as half full and calling it an opportunity. In fact, many of the solutions that have been proposed as a solution to continue segmenting audiences without the need to use third-party cookies have really represented a great advance in this field.

Today we come to talk about one of these tools, which, having been on the market for a few months now, has proven results. We are talking about Seedtag LAB , a program specifically designed by Seedtag to help brands identify their target audience in the cookieless world. The platform works with a personalized data-driven mobile phone number directory Australia content strategy based on Seedtag’s contextual intelligence technology, LIZ.

The Nissan Challenge with Seedtag Lab

Seedtag’s contextual intelligence is therefore designed so that brands can differentiate themselves from the competition by connecting their unique values ​​with the most appropriate audience , and find the content to position their ads that best suits their strategy without affecting the user privacy… And to demonstrate its potential, we have traveled to Barcelona and Madrid with the aim of discovering one of its success stories: The Nissan Qashqai challenge.

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Both parties have agreed on the importance of the challenge. Since they were in the midst of launching their Nissan Qashqai in a market. That was already mature in terms of competition. “ The challenge was to achieve the leadership that the brand had had in recent years. Bring what the customer demands and incorporate the technology and innovation that we could bring as a brand ”, explains Paula Silva, Nissan Motor Corporation of Nissan.

The Key Was to Position the Nissan Qashqai Model

In addition, The key was to position the Nissan Qashqai model within electric vehicles. While promoting values ​​such as sustainability and the environment. From the company, Martí Huertas, Agency Sales Director of Seedtag. Has shared that Nissan was the first client to test this program exclusively in Spain. Although many others have now joined. This event is part of the brand’s commitment to innovation and differentiation when it comes to reaching its audience. Challenge that Seedtag has carried out without the need to use cookies or traditional targeting methods.

In summary, and in the words of Huertas. “Through Seedtag LAB we were able to promote the achievement of Nissan’s objectives with a program. Designed to improve brand positioning and association with certain values. We design conquest strategies to differentiate the brand from its competition. And help it translate its target groups into contextual audiences ”. In this way, they have reached through content those audiences that most interested them in real-time. “ It is about translating audiences defined by conventional parameters (age, gender or income) to contextual audiences. Defined based on their interests in real-time. Their moments of greatest receptivity, the most relevant trends, their consumption patterns and their most related content”, explains Huertas.

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