Nike is preparing for what is to come in relation to the metaverse. The sportswear giant does not want to miss out on this new scenario and has announced the acquisition of RTFKT Studios , a brand dedicated to manufacturing virtual footwear in NFT , so that users can equip their digital avatars. The company launched in 2020 and was especially relevant in March of that year, when it sold out a line of real shoes paired with virtual ones in seven minutes and earned $3.1 million.

“This acquisition is yet another step in accelerating Nike’s digital transformation and enabling us to serve athletes and creators across sport, creativity, play and culture,” said John Donahoe , Nike president and CEO, in a shared statement. on the company website.

Nike Bets on The Metaverse

“We are acquiring a team of highly talented creators with an authentic and connected brand. Our plan is to invest in the RTFKT brand and grow its innovative and creative acheter un telephone au USA community, as well as expand Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities, ” he concludes.

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It’s unclear what specific plans Nike has for its new NFT offshoot. But there are those who point to a specific theory. And users in general being able to buy brand shoes to use on their avatars in Fortnite. In other video games and in the metaverse that is yet to come.

What Can Be Affirmed Is that Nike

In fact, in November the company launched an online gaming area on Roblox called Nikeland . In this, fans can create an avatar and play sports in a virtual space.

“Since we started, we always looked at Nike with the goal, precisely, of creating the Nike of the metaverse.” RTFKT co-founder Benoit Pagotto said after the acquisition announcement. The expert points out that it is ” a unique opportunity to build the RTFKT brand “. And that they are excited to be able to count on Nike’s experience to build their community.

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