And even called “Castaways” a “masterpiece”. Although for some of the actors who participated in the series this seems unreal. the truth is that social networks once again demonstrated that they can revive or let a musical theme die. as happened to stars like Fleetwood Mac . who released his theme ‘Dreams’ in 1977 and returned to the popularity charts thanks to a video on the platform. Strategy? As is clear. apparently there was no strategy on the part of the creative company. but it was the Internet users themselves who used nostalgia marketing as a way to attract the attention of the consumer and make them relive happy moments. which generated a positive state and came to connect with the target. For now. it is not clear if. given this new success.

Advantage of it to broadcast the program or even launch it again. as is customary now. which could undoubtedly be a real strategy to end up capturing consumers or losing them forever. READ MORE YouTube will sacrifice your videos to beat TikTok TikTok’s new anti-bullying campaign is part of its master plan to attract creators YouTube-style: Twitch toughens its policies in favor of copyright in music The US FDA’s approval of a new Alzheimer’s drug was big news in many ways. The news related to laboratories and pharmaceuticals these days (weeks. months) have a common denominator: Covid-19 . Virtually everything that is talked about in this industry has to do with the fight against the coronavirus. However. there are exceptions that.

Times Show Their Best

Are also very important. The United Denmark whatsapp number list  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is the drug Aduhelm. from Biogen . Although it is true that the drug has a very high cost (the price of Aduhelm? more than 55 thousand dollars) and. obviously. it will not be widespread immediately. It is also true that it is a key step in advancing in the treatment of a disease that affects millions of people around the world. Investors took it that way because Biogen’s shares have grown exponentially since the news broke. From $270. they went on sale on Wall Street to $395. an increase of 47 percent in a few hours. biogen actions alzheimer Biogen shares.


Source: Investment This shows that all the investment that Biogen Inc made in innovation. sooner or later. paid off. In addition. in the industry they understand that the approval of the drug and the take-off in the stock market can boost the prospects of other treatments. That’s right. Aduhelm’s green light from the FDA could bode well for other drugs against the condition that treat it in the same way. Biogen’s drug advanced a path once thought futile: treating Alzheimer’s by removing the buildup of a sticky substance in the brain known as amyloid. The decision was very well received by many patient groups and doctors around the world. as there are no good treatment alternatives so far.

Face And Decide To

Of course. the approval was criticized by those researchers who understand that the price is prohibitive. Also. some say there isn’t enough evidence to show the drug works. Alzheimer’s and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry On a global level. The pharmaceutical industry is among the most innovative based precisely on the need to generate new and better products. Covid-19 is a very clear example of this. The laboratory that has not invested in developing vaccines in these months will lose a great possibility of advancing on new and very profitable markets. Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is not easy. Pharmaceutical specialists maintain that of every 10.000 molecules that are analyzed with the idea of generating solutions to diseases.

Only one can be develop later to create a new drug. That is why innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Is above any of the other bases on which modern marketing is based. Without innovation. there are no products in this industry. And another key detail: the investment in the launch of a new product. Whoever invests the most and best in advertising the launch and in the initial positioning of a medicine. Will be the one best position to recover what was invest in development. Pinterest is to turn its platform into an option for e-commerce. Transforming the profiles of different brands into true digital stores E-commerce has had a boost in recent months.

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