For some time now, there has been persistent speculation about Apple’s imminent launch of AirTag , a Tile -like tracking device that could hit the market this year.

Despite the rumors, this new batch device has not yet landed on the market, but its arrival could be getting closer. And the proof of this is the launch of a new app by the apple company. The app in question is Find My Certification Asst. , which is intended to locate objects from manufacturers other than Apple , but supported as the Find My certification program.

Through the Find My Network

Users can easily track Apple devices that they have lost track of. And from now on this program will also support third party accessories compatible with Find My.

The Find My Certification Asst app could be the prelude to the vaunted launch of AirTag
Manufacturers will be able to use this new Bahrain B2B list application to “test the position, connection and other key requirements” on accessories attached to the Find My network. Such accessories can be tracked as long as Apple devices are powered on and connected in the vicinity.

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That those from Cupertino have seen fit to launch the Find My Certification Asst app. It would be an unequivocal sign, according to some, that Apple would have the launch of AirTag ready to go. This device would have the same technology. Used in the U1 chips that is capable of locating devices in interior spaces with a greater range of action.

Although AirTag has been part of the rumor mill that has been fluttering around Apple for months, no predictions had come true until now. But the launch of the Find My Certification Asst. It could be the definitive sign that we are finally at the gates of its long-awaited debut on the market.

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