Smartclip, Europe’s largest ad tech platform for TV broadcasters and streaming providers, has published a comprehensive white paper entitled ” Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences “.

With it, smart clip creates a framework for advertising companies, the results of which are based on extensive internal analysis. The research results serve as a guide for the advertising industry. Describe strategies and opportunities. And also contain information on the different Addressable TV advertising formats and targeting possibilities available in European television markets.

This White Paper Is Based on Data Analyzed

They show not only a significant annual growth of Addressable TV in Europe, but also confirm that advertising for Addressable TV (ATV) continuously thailand phone number free attracts new distributors of branded products from various sectors.

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When smart clip launched its first ATV solution in 2017. 70% of all ATV campaigns were booked by just four industries. Automotive, consumer goods, entertainment/media, as well as technology/telecommunications. Since then, ATV has been used by many other sectors, including finance, real estate and insurance. A trend that, according to experts in the sector, will continue.

This Analysis Also Includes Information from Interviews

Dr. Oliver Vesper, Co-CEO and General Manager at smartclip Europe, explains: “In these difficult times there has never been a better time to unify European markets. We do this by establishing ATV ad technology as an integral part of advertisers’ and agencies’ marketing strategies.

To give an idea of ​​the different opportunities and new developments. We present successful case studies that demonstrate ATV’s best practices in advertising formats. And targeting tactics. With Addressable TV, advertisers can utilize the highly effective branding opportunities of television while focusing their budgets on the most relevant audiences.”

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