The technology company JogoTech , specialized in innovation in the retail sector, has appointed Pedro Travesedo as Director of Partnerships. Travesedo will be responsible for building relationships with the best partners in the Phygital ecosystem. Reporting directly to the company’s CEO Gonzalo Martín.

The JogoTech technology company is a pioneer in implementing. The Phygital store concept (physical + digital) positioned as an extension of ecommerce. This revolutionary concept is accelerating the digital transformation of the current retail sector. Managing to provide consumers with a better shopping experience in a one hundred percent digital store. A seller who becomes a personal shopper, and a catalog that is always available.

AdTech and Mar Tech Sectors

Travesedo has more than 16 years of experience in the AdTech and MarTech sectors. Among his relevant positions in the industry, those of general Germany WhatsApp Number List director of Sizmek Spain stand out, as well as VP of the same company for Latin America.

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In addition, he was responsible for business development in Iberia for MediaMind. “As creators of the Phygital store operating system, our ambition is to become, at an international level, the market reference solution that allows the digitalization of physical stores, adding value to brands, to the ecosystem of partners, and complying with the expectations of the new consumer who demands omnichannel experiences”, says Pedro Travesedo.

“The accelerated digital transformation that is taking place in the retail sector demands a technology that is capable of uniting the best of physical stores with the digital world and offering a complete and satisfactory customer experience.

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