The report prepared by GECA (Audiovisual Communication Studies Office) is here with the consumption data. Habits and preferences of the main video-on-demand platforms that operate. In Spain. The fieldwork of the eighth wave of its OTT Barometer, is based on a survey of 1,000 people over the age of 18 who have access to these platforms. Was carried out between April 5 and 12.

The study reveals that all OTT platforms have seen their penetration among users increase compared to the previous wave. Except for HBO. Which decreased two points to 26.4%. Disney + signs a historical record (25.6%) after the launch in February of STAR, its series and movie service aimed at adult audiences, while Netflix is crowned queen again (71.2%). Amazon Prime Video is in second position with 66.2%.

Movistar+ Lite Adds Three Points to 8.2%

and everything seems to indicate that the data has been boosted by the free inclusion of the platform in different Movistar telephone rates since March. Atresplayer Premium also rises -since the wave of July 2020- 46.8% to 6.9%, as does Mitele Plus , which Hungary B2B list grows 29.7% to 4.8% in the same period. In the latter, content such as Mediaset realities and the popular telenovela “Love is in the Air” stand out.

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With respect to other platforms, the GECA report reflects the uninterrupted decline in the traditional version of Movistar+ (IPTV+Satélite) , which stands at 28.2%.

Almost 64% of users have access to two or more platforms
There are already 63.7% of the users surveyed who have access to two or more platforms, 1.4% more than in the wave of January. The most frequent combination is Netflix + Amazon Prime Video (13.6% of cases). Netflix is ​​still the favorite for 49% of users, while Disney + signs the highest growth (89%) to 3.4%. In quality of content, HBO ranks first , the most valued platform according to this criterion with 30.3%, 3.2% less than in the last report. The platform also boasts the best rating in terms of the variety of its catalog (32.6%).

“la Que Se Avecina” Is Once Again the Most Watched Series

As for the content of the platforms, in this wave “La que se avecina” once again occupies the highest position in the ranking. Of most-watched series, followed by “Vikingos” (29.1%) and “La casa de papel” (28.5%).

In the latest edition of the OTT Barometer, “Lupin” also stands out , a series that enters the ranking strongly, reaching 18.7%, being the third most watched Netflix series in the first quarter of 2021. “I’m alive” (16%) records sign an important ascent climbing 50 positions to fifteenth place. Out of the top 20 in the ranking, the rise of “Caronte” (12.1%) and “Hierro” (10.2%) stands out.

In addition to “Lupin”, the premiere series with a notable entry. In the ranking are “The Bridgertons” (12.3%) and “Sky Rojo” (10.6%) on Netflix; “El Internado: Las Cumbres” (9.6%) on Prime Video and “Scarlet Witch and Vision” (7.7%) on Disney +. In the entertainment section, the reality show «Rupaul’s Drag Race» (3.7%) registered its historical record on Netflix. Possibly due to the upcoming premiere of its national adaptation on Atresplayer Premium.

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