Netflix content has always been trendsetters. From artists returning to the charts fueled by their biopics to trends that are back on everyone’s lips. The latter happened, for example, with jewelry, whose sales grew thanks to the success of ‘The Bridgertons’.

In the case of the biopic of the American designer Roy Halston , released on said platform and played by Ewan McGregor, it has not been different. Knowing the impact of its fictions on other markets, the streaming giant has decided to stick its nose in the world of fashion.

Halston for A Limited Series

For this, she has decided to collaborate with Halston for a limited series of dresses inspired by those that appear in the series. Anyone who wants to feel as if they were on the small screen or on the red carpet itself can buy them on the firm’s Qatar WhatsApp Number List website and at the North American luxury stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

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The price of these exclusive garments will range between 900 and 2,000 dollars . It was after finishing the filming of ‘Halston’ when both companies decided to create this collection. The CEO of the fashion house, Robert Rodriguez , was the one who worked closely with Netflix to choose which outfits from the show to recreate.

Settled on Various Popular Designs

So they settled on various popular designs from the 1970s and 1980s . “It was an opportunity to bring back iconic dresses that Halston himself created. But reinterpreting them to make them more modern ,” says Rodríguez. He hopes that this association with Netflix will put the legendary designer, who died in 1990, back in the spotlight.

Netflix has such a huge reach that this series will introduce. The brand to a younger generation that didn’t know Halston. In any case, the multinational will not take any money from the sales of the collection. More focused on promoting the two participants in the strategy.

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