Trend 9: Niche Podcasts A niche podcast is made about a specific topic or for a small target group. For example, Erasable is an American podcast about pencils. And in the Netherlands there are no fewer than three podcasts especially for amusement park enthusiasts. The Dutch Podcast Survey (2019) already concluded: ‘Serve your niche, not all of the Netherlands’. And futurist Igor said at the Podcast Summit in 2020. Small podcasts can also do very well. Niches where very specific topics are discussed by experts who don’t get airtime or space elsewhere.

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Then you are just not very big, but you are for a very small, interesting target group. They are waiting for the next one to come out. Sometimes small is very good: go niche, go big or go home.” Because there are relatively few different podcasts, there are Pakistan Phone Number relatively few niches occupied. That is why an increase in the number of niche podcasts is expected this year, but also the period after . Trend 10: innovation Platforms, hosts, and other podcast-related businesses are evolving at a rapid pace to capitalize on the growth in the market. This makes creating podcasts easier and easier.

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It also makes it easier for listeners to find it. A few years ago, Spotify was still a platform where music was mainly. Now the company is no longer hiding its growth expectations and ambition for podcasting. That has been since the acquisitions in early 2019 of podcast-related companies like Gimlet Media and podcast host Anchor. Today, Kolos Apple Podcast competes with Spotify as the largest listening platform. Both platforms are fully innovating in the field of functionalities. This makes it easier for makers, for example, to link revenue models to it. Spotify is currently the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to listening to podcasts.

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