Because it shows many things some of which are insignificant. If someone takes a picture of us where we are in theory the most important thing is us being human. But behind there is the sky there are rocks there is grass all these together with our faces are equally important elements because the photograph is not Demetrius or Plato it is four corners that enclose a part of the world and transform it. If they don’t transform it Lost history. If they transform it very crudely and superficially i.e. shaken photo half the face cut off I see the transformation.

It is not transcendental

It does not lift me it does not take me elsewhere. All this difficulty is the source of our taking a thousand pictures to keep two. Because Photo Restoration the  photos are going to become a photo and they didn’t. Notice one more thing in what I said. What does a photographer do He recognizes the importance for him of a subject he says these stairs interest me he picks up the camera and at the same time the key element is to position himself opposite to put his body in a certain position in relation to the information he has. And then what does he decide What will fly out. Not what he will put inside. He said I want the stairs but if I will put the rock or if I will put the tiles I decide I take away from the world. Photography is abstraction and stillness.

Photo Restoration

Cinema is flow and movement

It is Montage I Can Make a Movie. Upside Down With Another Edit by Putting One. Scene This Way and the Other That Way. So These Are the Tools of Expression That Every Artist Has With Them He.  if I Come Home and All I Will Say is the Livadia. Gorge Singapore Lead It’s Not a Photo It’s the Livadia Gorge. Dl I Think It’s Been Covered but. Pr Let Me Make a Short Break All That We Have Said. So Far to Emphasize for the Viewerlistener to Hear is Very Difficult Things. That is We Touched Very Quickly Things That Are Abstract. And They Will Be Understood by Anyone Who Listens to Us Over Time. That is the World Must Understand That Questions Like the Ones You Asked. Me Which Necessarily Have More Abstract Answers Are Not One and One Make Two. They Should Not Frighten the One Who Listens to Them. They Are Questions to Stimulate His Thinking His Doubts.

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