whether in interviews, focus groups, or in questionnaires, Tunisia WhatsApp Number List at face value. These self-reported data may contain several potential sources of bias that you should be Tunisia WhatsApp Number List aware of and note as limitations. These biases can become apparent if they are inconsistent with data from other sources. These are: 1) selective memory , that is, remembering or not remembering experiences Tunisia WhatsApp Number List or events that occurred at some point in the past; 2) “telescope” effect, where self-reporters recall events that occurred once as if they occurred in another time; 3) attribution , which refers to the act of attributing positive events Tunisia WhatsApp Number List and results to one’s own person, but attributing negative events and results to.

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external forces; and 4) exaggeration, the act of Tunisia WhatsApp Number List representing results or embellishing events as more significant than they really were (Price and Tunisia WhatsApp Number List , 2004). Possible limitations of the investigator Access: If the study depends on having access to people, organizations or documents and, for whatever reason, access is denied or limited in some way, the reasons for this situation must Tunisia WhatsApp Number List be described. Longitudinal effects : The time available to investigate a problem and measure the change or stability over time is in most cases quite limited, for example, due to the project assignment due date, Tunisia WhatsApp Number List these limitations are recommended. that are expressed in the research report.

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or in a scientific article. Cultural limitations and other types Tunisia WhatsApp Number List of bias: Bias is when a person, place or thing is seen or displayed in an imprecise way. The bias is generally negative, although one may have a positive bias as well, especially if that bias reflects their Tunisia WhatsApp Number List reliance on research that supports only their hypothesis. As you review your article, critically review the way you have Tunisia WhatsApp Number List posed a problem, selected the data to study, what you may have missed, the way you have ordered procedures, events, people, or places. Nobody expects science to be perfect, especially not the first time, Tunisia WhatsApp Number List and even their colleagues can be very critical, but nobody’s work is beyond limitations.

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