The MEDDIC process is a well-known and effective method to qualify leads. It stands for Market Need, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Competitors.

Market Need involves understanding the customer’s business pain and what they are trying to achieve. It requires research and discovery on the part of the salesperson.

Economic Buyer is about understanding who has a budget and decision-making authority  It includes price, features, reputation, etc.

Decision Process is about understanding how the decision will be made. Will it be a committee? Will multiple stakeholders be involv?

The fifth and final step, Identify Competitors, is about understanding who else the customer might be considering as a solution to their problem.


Sales are all about qualifying leads- determining which prospects are VP R&D Email Lists most likely to buy what you’re selling. There are different methods sales professionals use to qualify leads. Understanding each step of these processes and how they can be applied to your business is your ladder to success in sales.

You can have your custom version of these methods (or others) based on their specific products/services and target industry.

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Here are other questions about Qualifying Leads that we have not discussed in the article. A sales pipeline is a systematic, often automated process that companies use to score, nurture and convert leads into customers.

The idea behind a sales pipeline is simple. By breaking down the sales process steps, companies can better identify potential leads and craft targeted messages to move those leads through the funnel toward becoming customers. By understanding where each lead is in their buyer journey, companies can more effectively market to them and ultimately close more deals.

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