With those who pay on the agreed date (laughs). No, now seriously, if you want to make a great media plan talk to a multinational. That is very likely to give you more competitive prices than FLUOR. That’s not our league. Ours is that of creativity, that of branded content, that of transmedia narrative. That of turning a good story into a better story, that of making all platforms connect coherently.

But always to achieve communication and business objectives, let’s never forget that. That is to say, we are creative but looking at the income statement. Which is how they are really going to measure us. That is why clients come to FLUOR and in that we have a commitment to excellence. Now, in addition, life has allowed us to do something that we have dreamed of for years: do few projects of a considerable size and be able to dedicate the time and dedication they deserve. “The strategy is to resign”, we say a lot. But when we say “yes” to a project, we land with all the artillery.

An Experience that Has Marked You Especially in Your Career?

In addition, we were born relocated and taking advantage of our connections, the result of many previous years in other agencies and of having founded the Audiovisual Innovation Association, which brings together spectacularly Georgia WhatsApp Number List powerful people in these industries. Back in 2015, we already envisioned and created FLUOR: an agency that would connect the best talent to tell the best brand stories.

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What future do you predict for the world of advertising and marketing? Look, I’m not going to say “either or nothing” or “television and intrusive advertising is going to die” kind of nonsense. I think that this most warlike stage in my speech is over: now I really believe in the integration of possibilities . And let’s not forget that great content must have a good media plan.

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