So platforms like Pinterest seek to adapt to this sector so that more brands and businesses bet on the social network to become a key destination for online shopping. so it will now extend these functions to more regions. Its e-commerce tool announced that these new shopping features will be available for Australia. Canada. France and Germany. where pinners will now be able to make purchases from Pins. boards and search results. as well as track products of interest within of the application. Also. in the style of other social networks. the program plans to increase availability for the “Blue Check Mark” Verified Merchant Program. new merchant showcases on profiles.

And more product tagging options in each of these regions. Pinterest grows for commerce and advertising While users are a vital part of social media. relationships with brands and commerce are also important. and the company continues to work to expand the availability of its shopping and advertising options. while seeking to capitalize on its opportunities to achieve capitalize on the growing boom in digital commerce. A case in point was when earlier this year the company launched ads within Pinterest for countries like Mexico and Brazil. which combined with these additions could make the platform add more users and generate more revenue.

Take Small Actions

such as the new “shopping list” function Dominican republic whatsapp number list  which users will be able to save product Pins in a collection. to make it easier for them to go back and buy. the items they viewed on their journey through the platform. such as digital stores. It will also alert users to price drops on items they’ve saved. helping people find the best deals as they become available. You will be rewarded with a complimentary visit on your 11th night. But that is not the only qualification for eligibility for the free reward night. To get your reward night. you must first: Collect your stamps by signing in before you book. That way. can add stamps to your account. Make sure the property you book is eligible for the reward program.


If you are one of those people who travel a lot. whether it’s for work or pleasure. it will benefit you to keep tabs on Captain Obvious. If you are a good student and follow the captain’s instructions. you will get the most out of your money. To make a promotional campaign a success within TikTok. or even other platforms. the key could be in the audio. Without a doubt. the fever for TikTok continues. so brands find the platform increasingly attractive to promote themselves and reach new audiences almost globally. however. to achieve this. marketing strategists must take into account a key element within their campaigns: the music they use. And it is that within the same platform.

To Add Value To Their

Music is key to the user experience. since many of the trends that become viral are born thanks to the themes that are reproduced within the short videos. which are then remixed. reused and reinvent themselves in order to make the most of this resource. Given this. TikTok assured in a recent investigation that audio is also key for brands that are promoted within the social network. since users of this are more receptive to sound elements within advertisements than on other platforms. Sound impact in digital advertising To learn more about how audio can drive record engagement rates. TikTok partnered with Kantar to “learn more about the impact of sound in digital advertising.

Likewise. 88 percent of TikTok users said that sound is essential to the TikTok experience. Because without it any video would no longer make sense. So brands must comprehensively build a campaign that uses audio as main creative driver. As if that wasn’t enough. TikTok says the study places it as the only platform where audio ads drive. Significant increases in both purchase intent and brand preference. How to apply this strategy in TikTok (or other applications). There are more and more platforms on which users. and brands. Share content between stories. Tweets. videos or photos. but according to Kantar.

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