There are many types and formats of article, but for us to consider it scientific, it must meet the characteristics previously listed. Similarly, in a previous entry from the Ireland Business Fax List Editors Club we indicated the structure that a research article should have and the reason for the need to use it. We presented in it those that are most commonly used in scientific journals. Ireland Business Fax List The most widespread, IMR and D , comprises: The scientific article reports the results of an investigation and must therefore follow a standardized scientific manuscript structure, according to a standard of scientific writing, Ireland Business Fax List which must be followed in all its aspects, both with regard to the structure as

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well as the content and references of the manuscript. Thus we Ireland Business Fax List present a research report that follows very explicit writing standards within the academic world. For this, it is necessary to take into account if our report answers the basic question of each section, that is, if the Introduction gives an answer to the question What is the problem? And the manuscript is in relation to the Ireland Business Fax List accumulated knowledge in that area. If it can be verified that in Methodthe question is answered, how has the problem been studied? and check that the Methodology used in the investigation is described, as well as the three sub-sections: Ireland Business Fax List Sample, Instruments and Procedure. Also check that under the heading of

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Results the question is answered, what was found ?, and a clear Ireland Business Fax List and precise exposition of the obtained results is made, showing these without opinions or interpretations. Finally, regarding the last section, Discussion and Conclusions, check that we answer the question, Ireland Business Fax List what is the meaning of what I found? that we place the findings of our research among the current ideas about what is investigated. It is also necessary to verify that in the Conclusions we make a recapitulation of the most important Ireland Business Fax List findings found and expose the Limitations of the research and the new

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