even despite its academic relevance within each field of study. Syria Email List Therefore, knowing the elements of style in writing an academic article is essential, because no matter how brilliant the researcher may be, not properly connecting with the academic community through their publications can be detrimental to their impact and visibility. Syria Email List Although each journal has specific regulations – which should be Syria Email List read carefully before sending the manuscript ( Norms, norms, norms ) – there is no explicit writing style of the selected journal, but there is an expected, implicit writing style and tacit when a scientific-academic article is sent . One-lives-only-from-writing The academic writing style is a peculiar style that, although it must Syria Email List be governed by a maximum of clarity ( Write to be read, 6 essential tips )

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, it is necessary to keep five recommendations in mind: Language is Syria Email List fundamental : as a vehicle of communication, it must be scrupulously cared for; it can never be poor in semantic and syntactic quality, and it must always be grammatically correct. Remember that magazines do not correct the language, which is the absolute responsibility of the authors. The application Syria Email List of the basic rules of scientific writing : the language used must be adequate — concise — clear — objective , with no room for discrepancies in tenses, errors in grammar, poorly constructed sentences or disjointed paragraphs. Syria Email List Common mistakes should be avoided :

Syria Email List

such as linguistic vagueness that gives rise to confusion, Syria Email List excessive juxtaposition, expressions that chronologically mark our results, adjectives that unnecessarily qualify what we expose or verbs that express our beliefs, feelings or perceptions. Always keep the potential reader in mind: it is about trying to write to the maximum taking into account the above aspects, Syria Email List but assuming that whoever approaches the manuscript wants to understand everything that is provided. In this sense, two moments mark the reading of an article: 1) Beginning of reading: when the reader needs an initial idea of ​​what he is Syria Email List going to read: the summary and introduction to the work are essential here.

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