Since the former Mexican athlete Ana Gabriela Guevara. who. according to the new administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. who will enter functions next December. she will serve as the head of the National Sports Commission (CONADE). she declared to CANCHA. that its viability will be subject to review derived from the high cost that results in the investment to bring the event. “(You have to see) priority. effects. what we want and how much it costs. I don’t dislike the subject of Formula One. but it seems to me that it is too much money. It doesn’t bother me that there are events. either. but it seems to me that for Mexico City it shouldn’t be the total logic.” Guevara told the media.

Data from the Ministry of Tourism. refer that the Mexican GP during 2017 left an economic spill of 14 thousand 700 million pesos (more than 700 million). While generating 8.700 jobs in the region; in addition to the fact that the Mexico brand exhibited on the track became one of the brands with the greatest television presence in the entire championship. which represented a total of 1.391 million in media exposure for the country. In such a way that the profits that this sporting event leaves the country in economic terms. exposure as well as brand impact are positive. That is why the expansion of a contract that is about to end is key and that. in case of losing it. would represent eliminating a quality offer to the citizen of Mexico and even one more promotion for the country to be visited.

As Were Javier Aguirre

According to Celaya. the alliance with Australia whatsapp number list offers the club the possibility of highlighting the presence of its own sponsors and commercial partners in an integrated manner in the broadcast. This Monday it was reported that Club Celaya. belonging to the Ascent League of Mexican soccer. and the social network Facebook joined forces so that the digital platform will be in charge of broadcasting the games as the team’s home so that fans can Accompany your team through exclusive content. Through a statement. it was announced that the transmission through its official page is distributed organically. which also offers the club the possibility of highlighting the presence of its own sponsors and partners in an integrated way to the transmission. commercial.

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The commercial director of the Bajío club. Juan Murray Campbell. highlighted “now the Celaya Club will be able to share this transmission with its main commercial. Institutional and media partners in a unique way and with a measurable scope. We are sure that this alliance with Facebook will bring us closer to our fans and commercial. And institutional partners in a unique way”. Similarly. the sports institution pointed out that joining this type of platform generates a greater connection with soccer fans and the new ways of consuming it. Which encourages real-time interaction with users from all over the world. Likewise. This alliance will facilitate and increase the generation of exclusive content both in a television studio as well as from the stadium through Facebook Live.

In Addition To The Next Coach

In Mexico. different leagues. such as the Mexican Baseball League as well as the National Basketball League. Have resorted to this type of alliance in order to increase reach. as well as generate commercial alliances with sponsors. Precisely because of the point of exclusivity in the transmissions that package and that. being measurable. Offers guarantees on audience numbers. Globally. this has become a constant. In the United States. the new Los Angeles team has YouTube as the owner of its rights. while in England. Amazon bought a series of English Premier League match packages which will broadcast exclusively. 59 percent of consumers prefer to approach a brand related to their sports preferences. Which speaks to the power of sports marketing in the world. The fans of the National Basketball Association (NBA) give the sample.

In Mexico. this sport reached its peak of popularity . when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dominated the league. Probably for that particular point is that the NBA brings the Bulls this year. Accompanied by Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz . This was announced through his official profile in which. He announced that December 13 and 15 will be the days when two regular season games will be held. Orlando Magic vs. Chicago Bulls. And Orlando Magic vs. Utah Jazz . Currently the sport has greater relevance thanks to the visit of this type of regular season games. Last year it was extended for the 2017-2018 season. The Mexican fans saw the Brooklyn Nets and the Oklahoma Thunder . And two days later the Nets saw the Miami Heat . With this. Mexico is the country with the highest number of games in a country other than the United States and Canada.

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