When it comes to content marketing and social media marketing. Expert Michael Stelzner is always at the top of the list. A leading author, speaker, strategist, and founder of social media examiner. Michael helps businesses understand the Northeast Mobile Phone Number List trends in social media marketing. And how marketers can learn to leverage its power. Recently I caught up with Michael, and he answered some very tough questions. Content and Northeast Mobile Phone Number List social media marketers face every day. Marketo: what advice do you have for businesses that are struggling to produce. Content for their marketing efforts? Stelzner: first of all, you have to rethink the way. You’re producing your content to make sure that it’s not. “product marketing content.

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Traditional b2b marketing professionals have been. Taught to talk about the benefits of the product. But nowadays that’s not what people care about. Instead, it’s about figuring out who the audience is. What their pain points are, and then giving them what they want. For example, in my world of social Northeast Mobile Phone Number List media marketing, marketers want to figure out how to use Pinterest. It’s new, they don’t understand it and it’s highly visual with hardly any text. Since I know that they are interested in this new social network. I go out there and find somebody who is an expert on Pinterest. Then I either commission them or persuade them to produce a detailed piece. That explains exactly.

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Pinterest is and how to go about them. Notice this has got nothing to do with my products or services. But it’s got everything to do with the Northeast Mobile Phone Number Lists need of my audience. Marketo: do you have any tips for identifying the problems and desires. Of your audience? Stelzner: well, the ideal thing would be to create a survey and come up with basic open-ended questions like, “I would like. To learn more about blank” or “the Northeast Mobile Phone Number List thing that I find most difficult. When it comes to marketing is blank,” have them fill in that answer for you and. Then run some simple analysis to figure out. What your content strategy should be. For example, last year measuring social media was one. The biggest challenges that people were facing. Figuring out how to analyze and measure it.

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