The security and protection of data in the digital environment are increasingly important and demanded by users. Today and with the growing fear of cyber attacks , investing in solutions that guarantee security is key to meeting the needs of both consumers and businesses.

According to Gartner data collected by redk , a digital consulting firm specialized in CRM transformation and customer experience, investment in cybersecurity will exceed 150,000 million dollars this year , 12.4% more than in 2020, a growth that responds to the rise of work models such as teleworking, among other causes.

3 Key Concepts to Strengthen Cybersecurity

The concern for cybersecurity, explains the consultancy, extends to the CRM solutions market , which is already undergoing its particular french email providers evolution by betting on SaaS cloud platforms as opposed to traditional “on premise” or self-hosted models.

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According to Eugenio Rodríguez, CTO of redk, when companies protect their customers’ data they are protecting their own brand. “We live in a scenario of zero tolerance for the misuse of data, which is the main target of cyberattacks. Therefore, the benefits of prevention outweigh the costs of using this type of tool », he assures. Likewise, he explains that the cost of managing system security is very high. Since it requires a high level of specialization. “Companies can transfer these costs to software-as-a-service platforms to lighten the load, provide the security that customers expect, and comply with current regulations ,” says Rodríguez.

When Implementing New Crm Solutions

CRM and cybersecurity
Companies must focus on quality and comply with current regulations in the digital universe. For this, it becomes crucial to have a qualified team that allows them to implement technical updates and operational improvements, in this case, in regard to the security provided by their CRM platform.

Companies must meet the demands of customers, who are increasingly aware of the need for data protection. As the consultant points out, companies must be up to the task to generate more trust. Which will translate into greater customer loyalty. Customer experience must be aligned with data security. CRM systems must guarantee cybersecurity by default and never compromise the security of the data, the organization and the customer. If you have the right solution, they say from redk, you can innovate, manage risks and implement good practices.

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