The Book indicates an evolution towards an advertising audience measurement model since it continues to be a challenge to find a way to differentiate advertising content from the rest, both for scheduled broadcasts and when content is modified with automatic triggers when certain conditions are met, such as the time of day, temperature or weather forecasts.

On the other hand, it points to a user-focused model. Geolocation data helps increase the amplification capacity of DOOH campaigns, when combined with other media, and offers more information to carry out comparative cross-media analysis or reformulate planning strategies.

According to The Forecasts of The Book

We will see how the quality control of geolocation sources will grow to guarantee that the final result is an accurate representation of Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List consumption trends outside the digital environment. Additionally, attribution models will improve by being based on the quality, validity, timeliness, granularity, and accuracy of data sets.

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An ultimate and sustainable programmatic buying model
Currently , DOOH purchase campaigns are already being carry out through DSP. And many technology providers are exploring how to adapt their systems to the external environment. The Book establishes that DOOH will commercialize the spaces. To CPM to standardize and homogenize with the rest of the digital channels. And with a common language. On the other hand, the Book delves into the types of formats. And the standardization of the nomenclatures of the medium. And includes a glossary of terms and dedicates a chapter to Best Practices.

The Big Screen One to Many

After the presentation of the White Paper, a round table was held with experts who addressed some of the issues developed in the Book under the moderation of Rubén Vara , Operational Marketing & Digital Planning Manager at Clear Channel. Beatriz de Paz , OOH Product Development Director at GroupM, Ricardo Pérez , Marketing Director at JCDecaux Spain, Pedro Fernández , Marketing and Product Director at Clear Channel, Antonio Rubio , CEO of EasyDooh, Beatriz Dorado , Planning&Negotiation Director at Havas Media Group, Margarita Rodríguez , Advertising Senior Manager at Hyunday Motor Spain, and Marta Fernández, Brand Media Manager at BBVA Creative.

And unlike other digital media. DOOH is a medium in which single creativity on support is capable of impacting several users. And not just one as it happens in digital devices. To put real figures on this advantage, the Book establishes that a large-format DOOH. Support located in key environments can reach more than 250 people just by launching a creative five times.

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