The rise of e-commerce is unstoppable, in fact. New innovative techniques are already beginning to be shown to improve the user experience. And this is added to the general advantages offered by electronic commerce, such as home delivery. Which is increasing faster and more efficient. Although this is not its only value proposition, rather the quality of the product and the reference to personal values ​​are increasingly a reason for purchase.

Other important aspects are one-click discounts, stock liquidation, discounts, customer service… All these practices are differential values ​​that make a virtual store successful among users. This is why brand reputation is becoming more and more important for entrepreneurs.

In this way, in the electronic commerce scenario, different actors enter, such as GetConver, which improve the experience, both for the client and for the entrepreneur. The company is dedicated to improving e-commerce sales by getting leads, subscribers, registrations and sales growth in three main spaces:

E-commerce : GetConver increases sales with the same visits and it does so by improving the conversion rate and getting more visits to become customers. Digital platforms : The solution allows visitors to register and test the platform in question. In addition, it gets quality leads for the sales team, making it especially useful for SaaS platforms and marketplaces. Bloggers : Finally, the tool enhances blog content and gets more subscribers who direct their views to posts that are more profitable and are published in the same space, to increase revenue.

How Can I Sell More with Get Conver?

GetConver is presented to the market as the tool that helps to sell more in e-commerce , but before that, the platform recommends defining the value proposition. This is knowing what our virtual store has so that customers choose us ahead of the Australia B2B contact list competition. Once we are clear on this point, we go on to show it to the buyer so that he perceives us as we want and, with the added value that we offer him, he ends up choosing us. To do this, we show you five examples of how to use GetConver in an e-commerce :

Email Database

Informative messages
GetConver recommends creating informative messages that stand out on the web to attract the attention of the potential client. Among the possible proposals for calls to action, there are aspects such as a sense of urgency. Empathy or reference to vegan or local products.

Dynamic Promotional Coupon

free shipping this week. Buy today and receive it tomorrow at your home. Last units available. Everything at 15% off for the next two hours. 100% biodegradable packaging. Made in Ciudad Real, Spain. 5% of all purchases goes to a charitable cause. It should be noted that the tool ensures that creating the campaign for the online store is very simple. All you have to do is select the type of notification “Informational message” and configure it to suit the user.

Coupons are especially useful on some occasions and GetConver allows you to select that they only appear on certain URLs. In this way, if the customer has been looking at a product for a certain time, you can encourage him to finalize his purchase and show him a discount coupon for a limited time.

Conversion counter
On the other hand, we will be able to show the number of people. Who have bought a product with the analytical part? Thus, we make it possible for customers to see that the store is working correctly. In addition to showing how many people are viewing that product at a given time.

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