Data privacy is one of the aspects that users and customers take into account when trusting a company. In fact, as long as they know what the information will be used for. What changes they will receive, and they know the company, people feel comfortable sharing their data.

However, not many companies meet these requirements and expectations. This has led users to be more skeptical about providing their information. That is one of the main conclusions of a report by Ipsos commissioned by Google. For this, 7,200 people in Europe were interviewed to find out what their privacy concerns were.

Another of the ‘highlights’ of the study makes it clear that those businesses that earn the trust of consumers will achieve a competitive advantage. Those who do not pay attention to this factor, run the risk of losing the respect of their customers. According to the Google report, there are three measures that are key to ensuring that a marketing strategy is privacy-friendly and effective. We summarize them below.

Data in Exchange for A Benefit

The study has shown that people feel more comfortable sharing their data when they know what benefit they will get in return. This means that a customer’s attitude towards online privacy will change based on the perceived value of the ads.

That profit can be measured and the UK phone number database is defined in different ways. It may be that you prefer advertising that is related to your interests. For example, if a user has just been about to buy a product, they may not mind seeing an ad from that company. Another marketing that they find valuable is that which educates or entertains. In any case, the key is to use your own data, that is, those collected by the company and whose clients have accepted its use.

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An Advertising that Is Easy to Remember

Users must remember that they have shared their data with the advertiser brand. This is synonymous with them remembering that they have decided to share them actively and voluntarily. Customers not contact unexpectedly, as this leads to mistrust. 68% of those who participated in the study said they are skeptical about how companies use their data for advertising purposes.

Transparency is essential, on the other hand. 8 out of 10 adults think that companies should provide more detailed information about the data they collect. To get to this point, we must use simple, easy-to-understand language that makes it clear what the privacy policy is.

Greater control over your data
Perhaps when entering a page they do not stop carefully to read the conditions. But they would like to be able to edit it later more calmly. Thus, they would prefer that there were options such as unsubscribing from marketing communications. Managing the frequency with which they receive them.

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