the ResearchGate interface is much cleaner and allows identifying the latest researchers who have read the papers, a question that only the Academia. Edu has premium users .Latvia WhatsApp Number List Likewise, ResearchGate also identifies the citations generated from the publications, an application that does not have an Academy. Latvia WhatsApp Number List Magazine at Unlike ResearchGate, does allow scientific publications to self-manage their profiles. Currently, the Latvia WhatsApp Number List Magazine has 258 articles published in both language versions (Spanish and English) and reaches almost followers, registered authors and almost visits in two Latvia WhatsApp Number List .In the 21st century,

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the publication of scientific and academic work must be accompanied Latvia WhatsApp Number List by a planned and guided dissemination strategy, which goes through the dynamization of research on social networks. This new need arises associated with the concept of media convergence defined by Latvia WhatsApp Number List Henry Jenkins as the flow of content through multiple media platforms, later transformed into digital convergence: access to knowledge and information in real time from anywhere and through multiple connected devices to Web 2.0. This context affects researchers insofar as it gives them the possibility to spread their Latvia WhatsApp Number List research to any corner of the planet in a matter of minutes,

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offering a wide-ranging dissemination and impact with a relative Latvia WhatsApp Number List effort. Maximizing the scope of your work and lavishing your name as a researcher will be as easy as using academic and social media appropriately. Image 1 The use of these networks as a research Latvia WhatsApp Number List dissemination strategy offers the researcher three fundamental elements in their professional development: Visibility , while the reach of the messages shared on the networks is exponential. Impact , the number of academics and researchers who can access a scientific work will determine the number of citations it accumulates, Latvia WhatsApp Number List the greater the impact, the greater the number of citations. Digital identity ,

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