The changes caused by the pandemic have led to an increase in the relevance of the Marketing department within companies. For Catalina “ the objective is to generate business and innovation with responsibility and strategy; we are a transforming agent within the company ”.

In achieving this ideal, interdepartmental collaboration is essential and this is achieved, in part, thanks to the presence of the CMOs in the Management Teams. “ Having a voice and a vote is key; not only to explain what we do; but also to facilitate connections and move in the same direction . In addition, it allows us to know the global situation of the company. It is a very enriching collaborative work”, confirms Catalina satisfied.

For her, “it is necessary to convey the importance of our role to the rest of the company through internal marketing. It has to be very clearly known Cameroon WhatsApp Number List what we measure, what we are doing and why we do it”. Aligning sales and marketing around a clear path is imperative. “ Both departments have common goals and we must always work together. From the Marketing department we share with the Sales department all the knowledge and tools that we know our customers demand. And vice versa”, explains Catalina.

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The Customer and His Experience: The Center of The Strategy

“The most important thing is always, without exception, the customer experience”, says Catalina, “it is also the responsibility of the Marketing department. You have to anticipate what the consumer wants, be relevant to him and generate what he is waiting for. Our relationship does not end in a single transaction. We have to offer a journey, a total experience that allows our users to stay connected to our brand.”

Within the customer journey, Catalina does not forget the physical experience “ we live in a hybrid world. Of course, digital marketing is very relevant ; but we must not forget that the physical store is still, for many, the place of reference and the small business seller, their trusted person”.

HP seeks to combine the scenarios of the hybrid world with the diversity of today’s society. “ We have always worked for the consumer and with the consumer . We work this way internally and we take it outside”. For her, this is born within the company: “In our company there are stories of inclusion that show that there are no impediments when it comes to working. These stories define us and we consider them important. From Marketing we try to make external what we live internally .”

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