Qualifio assures the future of first-party data. In this new context, data collection through interactive marketing proposals gains relevance. With a more creative and jovial look, interactive formats generate a higher level of engagement with consumers. These formats are based on the collection of zero & first-party data as a transparent, attractive, non-intrusive alternative to users and respectful of the RDGP.

What Exactly Is Zero-Party Data?

Above all, They are the optional data that the consumer decides to voluntarily provide to a company. Hoping to improve their experience and relationship with it. After that,  Purchase intentions, personal russia’s phone number context, and how the individual wants to be recognized by the brand.” Moreover, the first-party dates? After that,  They are the data expressly provided by the user to the company to generate a transaction.

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The Value of Zero and First-Party Data Materializes in Several Advantages

In addition, Data also provide new forms of segmentation beyond. The traditional sociodemographic and geographic methods, based on consumer preferences regarding the brand proposition. In this way, the brand experience becomes truly unique.

Qualifio’s proposal: Interactive marketing as a data collection tool
After that, Brands and media using Qualifio can easily create and publish interactive content such as quizzes. However, Games, polls, polls, and more than 50 innovative formats across all of their digital channels. The SaaS platform allows its clients to interact with their online communities in a unique, fun and responsible way.

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