There have been many companies that have been forced to digitize at a forced pace and in record time. In the case of SMEs, around 70% have done so. Until then, only 14% had a digital strategy or were developing it. The most common initiatives have been testing e-commerce platforms (86%) and opening profiles on networks for their businesses (85%). In fact, this transformation has been key in mitigating the effects of the pandemic.

The crux of the matter, likewise, is that almost 8 out of 10 of them consider that online activity will continue to be essential to maintain their business from now on. However, there are still many challenges ahead, such as the training of workers and teams, the change in organizational culture and structure, the need for a new regulatory framework and funding for R&D&I projects, and more.

Companies Are Forced to Digitize

The implementation of teleworking also required the implementation of new digital services in many companies. The question is whether this Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List working formula will be maintained in the long run. According to the data handled by Acierto , 80% of leaders hope to facilitate remote work for their workers after the entire crisis is over.

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Digitization has brought with it problems related to the misuse of the network. We are talking about issues such as the increase in bullying on the Internet or the rise in cyber attacks (especially on SMEs), for example.

The Darker Side of Digitization

Specifically, 88% of parents believe that confinement. And the pandemic have been a trigger for new forms of harassment and for the transfer of bullying to networks. In fact, 3 out of 10 have been inform of a case of this type in their children’s center in the last year. In addition, 95% of Spaniards say that social networks and the Internet are new means of harassing.

Regarding cyberattacks, they have skyrocketed both in the domestic and business spheres. As for this first , online scams, phishing and malware have grown particularly. Only last year security breaches in Spanish companies increased by 25%. This not only has to do with the security of the platforms, but also with individual risk behaviors. At this point we find the creation of secure passwords or the updating of the equipment.

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