IAB Spain, aea (Spanish Association of Advertisers), IAA (International Advertising Association Italy Chapter), IAB Portugal, IAB Greece, Netcomm (Consorzio del Commercio Digitale Italiano), and UNA (Aziende della Comunicazione Unite), have presented the “Manifesto for a Sustainable Digital Advertising.

With this document, presented during an event on the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. The organizations support the European Commission’s goal of promoting an open and competitive internet. And show their willingness to work constructively so that regulation “provides clarity, protect choice and promote innovation for both users and brands.”

The Manifesto includes 5 key points that must be taken into account in the regulation of the advertising market: Innovation. The current regime of responsibility of the actors involved in the Internet. Has been essential to guarantee an innovative ecosystem at a continental level. The signatory entities warn that the introduction of a large liability without careful analysis would lead to significant damage to the entire internet ecosystem.

Confidence for The Consumer

Transparency is a fundamental element both in the relationship between companies and their users and in business-to-business relationships, so before introducing new measures, it would make sense to carry out a careful evaluation of their UK Business Fax List impact. “And it is that the demands of transparency should not limit the capacity for innovation or the freedom of companies,” they emphasize.

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The RGPD has become an international standard and constitutes protection for the user. Without the need to elaborate more laws that may imply legal uncertainty. The advertising sector has also developed compliance measures for current regulations. Through its Transparency and Consent Framework, which include the GDPR and e-Privacy regulations.

Harmonization with The Current Regulatory Framework

The organizations ensure that targeted advertising helps people find what they are looking for, largely based on user searches. In addition, companies maximize the return on investment by allowing users to take advantage of digital services for free or at a very low cost. Something that is especially relevant for SMEs.

Moreover, In point five they recall the importance of achieving a balance between market interests and consumer protection. Data protection is already regulate in the GDPR and the ePrivacy regulation is being negotiated. Which will also have a significant impact on advertising activity. “Additional regulation must take this into account and must not create a new uncertainty. Or an additional layer of complexity,” they point out in the manifesto.

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