Above all, we invited him to analyze the situation of his company and decide if. according to his business strategy. it was the best suited to his needs. Today we want to do a review. with updated figures. and give you the best reasons why your company should be in our Yellow Pages this 2017. At Publish we are constantly analyzing the environment and the evolution of consumers. We know that they all have different characteristics. For instance, that they change frequently. they adapt to new technologies and that consumption changes with them. with us. 1. It is a highly known search portal In Colombia. 67% of people know PáginasAmarillas.com and 36% of the total use it to do commercial searches.

With monthly visits that exceed 7 million unique visitors. it is an essential opportunity for your business objectives. This knowledge will not only allow you to reach a large number of people. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. but it will also give you the support and credibility associated with the brand: 69% of visitors trust the companies that advertise with us. and perceives them as high-quality providers. 2. It will help your positioning in search portals If you’re familiar with the term SEO. you’ll know that ranking well has become one of the biggest headaches for website owners. Appearing organically on search engines is one of the biggest challenges for everyone in the digital age .

According To The Type Of Business

At Publish we take SEO very seriously. and that Uk whatsapp number list why PáginasAmarillas.com is a portal that has excellent positioning; it is one of our promises of value on which we are constantly working and investing a great deal of time and effort. If you advertise with us. we assure you that when searching for your company it will appear among the first places thanks to PaginasAmarillas.com. 3. Your brand will have a transmedia presence Users in Colombia look for commercial information in different places. there is no medium that concentrates all the audiences nor a user who consults in a single medium. For this reason. we advise you to have a comprehensive strategy that guarantees presence in both print and digital media.

Uk whatsapp number list

Think that before advertising consisted of focusing on traditional media and generating a huge number of impacts. Now we want to be only in the places where our consumers are with a quality. timely and motivating advertisement. With Yellow Pages your business will have a presence in a web portal. mobile applications and in one of the print media best known by Colombians. 4. You will reach the user you need at the right time We say this not only because 60% of people consider that they find quality information in Yellow Pages or because 71% classify it as fast and effective. but because your company will have the opportunity to opt for more than 100 exclusive and specialized sections that will reach the user you are looking for.

Why That Plan Is The

Moreover, some of the sections of our portal with a higher level of searches are: Hotels . Schools . Transportation . Hardware Stores . Drug Stores . Motoring Schools … Have you already found your competition? So don’t be left out! 5. Variety of formats according to the needs of your business Depending on your budget and goal. There are a wide variety of formats you can use for your ad. You can appear with basic contact information (your website and your company logo) or even have a micro site within the search portal if you do not have your own website . After that,  with a photo gallery. review of your services company. contact forms. social networks and more.

For instance, there are many possibilities within the Yellow Pages portal. And the best thing is that all the advisors are in charge of providing suitable assistance. So that the strategy is oriented towards what represents the best benefits for you and your brand. Focus your ad on the city you really need Most of our clients are SMEs. Companies that value every coin in their budget and do not have large sums for advertising. Which is why it is essential that the effort invested is reflected in tangible results. In addition, the best choice? Advertise in a specialized medium for the Colombian public.

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