Automated traffic accounts for nearly two-thirds of internet traffic . Approximately 25% of this traffic comes from well-known “good” bots, such as search engine crawlers, social media bots, and monitoring bots. However, almost 40% of our total traffic comes from malicious bots . This is revealed by a study conducted by researchers at Barracuda, provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, on emerging traffic trends.

According to this report, which has analyzed traffic patterns during the first half of 2021, e-commerce applications and login portals are the most common targets of advanced persistent bots.

Internet Traffic Distribution: Graph of Bots vs. Humans

North America accounts for 67% of malicious bot traffic, with most originating from public data centers, the study found. Just over 22% of malicious bot china email list traffic comes from Europe , with this traffic most likely coming from hosting services or residential IPs.

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From Barracuda they also indicate that most of the bot traffic comes from the two large public clouds. AWS and Microsoft Azure , to approximately the same extent. “This could be because it is easy to set up a free account with any of the providers and then use the account to set up malicious bots,” the researchers explain.

Likewise, the study reveals that they usually follow the standard working day. Nitzan Miron, VP of Product Management. “When left unchecked they can steal data, affect site performance and even lead to a breach. That is why it is of vital importance to detect and effectively block bot traffic ”, emphasizes the professional.

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