precursors to many interpretations of academic hierarchy systems Croatian Email List There are no generic conventions applicable to all fields and disciplines on the order of signatures. Not even an international agreement. Researchers in the fields of Arts and Humanities are usually free of this, since the most common is that the authorship of their manuscripts is one-person -or at most in pairs-; Croatian Email List but in the field of Sciences (social, health, or basic) it is common to find oneself in a dilemma, especially in increasingly international and multidisciplinary teams. The case of Social Sciences, although it is the simplest among the three listed above , because its list of authors varies between 1 to 3 and, perhaps in extremely Croatian Email List justified cases up to 5,

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is usually very arduous because the debate always arises as to Croatian Email List whether go first or last, if the “middle” is the one that has contributed the least, or better yet , what is the opinion that I think is applied by the evaluation agency that touches me Particularly because it is known to all that its criteria and scales are not usually very explicit or transparent, leaving the Croatian Email List commissions the public that allows them wide powers of interpretation and their staunch sovereignty, based on normative ambiguity. Logic, justice and ethics dictate that the order of the authors must be relative to the amount of effort that Croatian Email List each one has put into the research and the writing of the article. A kind of scoring system that Roger B.

Croatian Email List

Winston (Article available at: explained with the following table: Activity Croatian Email List category Points Assignment method Conceptualization and refining of research ideas fifty Qualitative Literature review twenty Weather Methodological design of the research 30 Qualitative Instrument selection 10 Qualitative Instrument construction and design 40 Qualitative and Time Croatian Email List Selection of statistical method 10 Qualitative Statistical and computational processing 10 Weather Interpretation and analysis of data 10 Qualitative Drafting the manuscript First eraser fifty Weather Second draft 30 Weather Rewrite (per page) two Croatian Email List Weather Editing the manuscript and making changes 10 Weather Note:

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