coordinated by experts such as thematic editors. In addition, it is common for these publications to have a miscellaneous section where various contributions are collected Austria WhatsApp Number List within the general theme of the publication, beyond the specific central theme. In any Austria WhatsApp Number Listcase, the criteria that these types of publications have in mind for the selection of their works in Austria WhatsApp Number Listall their sections is usually always the same: a) Quality of the literature; b) Quality of the analysis; c) Importance of the topic; d) Impact of the article; e) Advancement of the field; f) Style; g) Balance Austria WhatsApp Number List Commonly,

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citation is related to the attribution of a text to another source. The citation has an important task, to support and justify the own arguments (eg, citing researchers who Austria WhatsApp Number List refer opinions and criteria in line with ours) or to demonstrate the novelty of the position adopted (highlighting their disagreement or contrast with respect to the trend general criticism). That is why the citation is Austria WhatsApp Number List often used as rhetoric to convince the reader of the proposals themselves, but the reference to the antecedent literature is not only a rhetorical question or a convention that must be complied with. Austria WhatsApp Number List On the contrary,

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it is something essential to demonstrate that the text is in relation to the accumulated knowledge in the field of its discipline and that, therefore, it is likely to form a valuable Austria WhatsApp Number List contribution from the advances suggested by previous research. In this sense, citations help define the specific context of knowledge or the specific problem around which the author’s inquiries revolve. To Austria WhatsApp Number List carry out the citation process, different styles have been developed such as that of the American Psychological Association (APA), Vancouver (mostly used in the health sciences), Chicago, Harvard, among others, these Austria WhatsApp Number List Regulations are not limited to citation, in addition, they propose a series of styles for the writing,

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