Citing articles from the literature to support a research report to Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List be published in a journal is a necessary practice. The inclusion of pertinent, adequate and timely citations allows the author to place the work presented in the state of the art of knowledge on the subject of the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List article. Within these necessary citations are the self-citations, which are the citations that the author or authors make to their own works. In this regard there are several positions, at the extremes are some people who think that it is quite unseemly to quote yourself, claiming that this is an infamous self-promotion Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List of their works. At the other extreme,

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there are those who consider that they should not cite others Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List other than themselves, arguing that their work is the most important in the area, and within these extremes several intermediate positions. It is true that the citation of a work is a recognition of scientific value (sometimes negative, but also valid) of a published work, which forms the basis of the new one that it presents, Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List so that the self-citation is equivalent to self-recognition of the value of our work that others should do. But sometimes self-citations are necessary when: the works previously published by the author himself Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List (especially when he individually or the research group to which he belongs has.

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spent many years researching and publishing in an area), are really Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List important in the area of the knowledge where the author works and provide part of the theoretical or practical bases of the new work; or the works belong to the same research that is being published in Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List stages. In this sense, there are elements that are criticized by the scientific community about this phenomenon, one of them is when the proportion of self-citations is very high with respect to the number of references, there is not a generalized percentage allowed, although there may be some indications in the regulations of Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List each magazine

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