I heard you think: ‘Why does a magician and mentalist think something about text?’ That’s not so complicated. Tim David did 300 live shows a year. During those shows, he discovered that real magic is all about words and the way they affect the mind of the audience. power word but magician But… look on the bright side While ‘but’ can be a serious disadvantage in the case of abuse, this powerful word can also have an extremely positive influence.

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For example, you can use it to build up the tension in a story: “After hours of plodding, Zoë had finally reached the top, but…”. But… (yes, I am consciously building up the tension now) there is something that is even more powerful. At least I think so. By using the Qatar Phone Number in the correct position in your text, ‘but’ can work in your favor. And good too. You are simply turning things upside down. You ensure that the negative message ends up before ‘but’ and place the positive message after the signal word.

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Because with that one four-letter word you can both weaken a negative message and reinforce a positive message. How? Also read: Dutch vs. Belgians: 7 important life lessons [you taught me] But… don’t build a castle in the air First of all: naming a weakness or disadvantage makes every message(s) credible. Simply because you show honesty and make yourself vulnerable. You don’t make things more beautiful than they are and don’t build castles in the air. The Tax and Customs Administration did this cleverly with the slogan ‘We can’t make it more fun. It’s easier.’

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