scientific journals that it currently indexes, being the science portal, Kenya Email List at a global level, with a database of greater dimension, hosting publications from the five continents, with a bias towards first world countries (Nordic), English-speaking (Anglo-Saxon)Kenya Email List and scientific-technical branches compared to social-humanistic ones, although it must be recognized that these three biases have Kenya Email List been progressively corrected in recent years. Scopus, from Elsevier is today one of the most widely established portals in the world, being predominant in many areas of the world such as Latin America. Its extensive database Kenya Email List and its impact factor (CiteScore) have been gaining prestige for its transparency.

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Its calculation formula is public for both the cited sources and the citing articles Kenya Email List (compared to opaque products such as SJR), with all its sources and measured Kenya Email List articles being published online. They also have a monthly “tracker” that provides periodic information on the progress of a publication from month to month, offering up-to-date data for publishers and authors. Its Kenya Email List measurement is made in percentiles (exceeding at least explicitly the classic quartile), given its precision and exact measurement, the publication appearing in its ranking with its measured evolution. As aspects that can Kenya Email List be clearly improved are still its not very visual and intuitive interface,

Kenya Email List

and its low filtering capacity (they do not appear by countries, regions Kenya Email List ..), although all this information is present on its exclusive Scopus website (public data are from Scopus preview, where you can also consult the pages of the researchers). As a transcendent novelty this year, Scopus has changed its measurement range, extending it one more year (from three toKenya Email List four) and taking the immediately preceding year as the last year, thus significantly feeding the index of immediacy of appointments; that is, the 2019 impact factor has been constructed with the documents published from Kenya Email List and the citations of those same years, taking an important step in expanding the citation space and its immediacy,

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