which was forced to open a new to the demand for its online sales, and mercadona, which created a warehouse for online service in april 2020. Digital transformation knows no borders or sectors. Create an online store, a strategic decision? As the digital transformation expert emérito martínez would say, we are not in an era of change, but in a change of era characterized by the digitization of everything around us. Forced by the lockdown, millions of people around the world have put aside their doubts to buy online, making ecommerce one of the great winners during the pandemic.

The fever has even forced smes to incorporate technology and adopt communication tools and presence on social networks. In short, the crisis has finished establishing what had been known for many years in terms of digitization. The expansion Costa rica whatsapp number list of electronic commerce is not only linked to the progress of digital platforms and the access opportunities that they represent for consumers, but it is also driven by the change in habits during the pandemic. The confinement and social distance measures have brought about great changes in the way we consume.

Online Purchases Have Increased

among other things, , which has been a rescue for many businesses. As a result, businesses that have decided to open an online store have obtained important advantages: greater control and management of online stock. Increased visibility. Greater loyalty. Reduction of some costs. Availability 24/7/365. Better knowledge of your potential customers. Customer service. Accessible anywhere and anytime. Stock control online. International expantion. It has no geographical limit. Provides greater convenience to shoppers. Greater flexibility in payment methods. Possibility of faster growth. Now, your sales can multiply. Thinking of going digital?


The conclusions if you plan to create an online store but you do not dare to take the leap because of the investment that it may entail, do not worry! Creating an online store is easier than you think thanks to platforms like wix ecommerce or woocommerce, among many others. Here are some basic steps to create your first online store: choose the name and domain of your ecommerce. It is essential and should easily . Choose a good hosting company , the place where your online store will be hosted. Choose a quality dropshipper .

Your Distributor Must Directly Products

that is, that your customers buy in the store to their home address. Use a cms for e-commerce. Prestashop, wordpress, magento, oscommerce, zencart, opencart… there are many options. Personalize the products you offer, as well as the descriptions that accompany them. You are different, show it! Add all possible payment methods with your potential customer in mind. Remember that a satisfied customer is one who finds their favorite payment method when paying for a purchase. Create a blog that complements the store, it will positively influence its seo positioning.

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