The event concluded with a round table moderated by Cristina Delgado, General Coordinator of the AER. Renowned brands participated in it through their representatives: McDonald’s with Patricia Ares , Corporate Communications and PR Manager; Coca-Cola with the presence of Ana Castro , Media & Connections Director Western Europe; and LG Electronics through David Andrés , E-commerce, Digital & Media Director.

Glocally Last Mile Event Speakers

The theme discussed throughout the round table was geo-contextualization and the growing importance of the local factor. Patricia Ares was the first to break the ice under the premise that ” without data we cannot implement a communication and Bolivia B2B list marketing strategy, and even less so in a situation like the current one “. Something that Coca-Cola agreed on, since Castro added that ” one of the keys to our brand is its magic, being a universal and global brand with a local landing and a very large enclosure and commitment to society “.

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David Andrés has shared his experience with other brands for which he has worked. In addition, for the representative of LG Electronics, ” the first thing we have to do as brands is to know our customers and then have the information we need to obtain “.

Share the Brand’s Personal Experience

Ares, a representative of McDonald’s, has also wanted to share the brand’s personal experience. With local strategies that arrived before the pandemic. In fact, the first local strategy that the brand carried out was precisely at the entrance to Spain, when they opened the already mythical Gran Vía establishment. The company studied the culture and population of Madrid and realizing that the people of Madrid had the habit of drinking a few drafts, they included beer in their menu to attract them to their new opening.

Castro is convince that what is close and what is local is something that. Even when we overcome this pandemic, will be maintained because it has a connotation associated with sustainability. One of the great challenges is that everything has to be accompanied by great creativity. And a lot of magic is needed in the message to activate. That wonderful fact of understanding what the neighborhood is like and having that relevance in the message. Adds the Coca representative -Line.

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