That social networks are a showcase where brands benefit and enhance their advertising campaigns is a reality. On this occasion, the protagonist has been Instagram. Which has improved its live shopping tool (live videos) allowing the direct sale of products through it. How can brands be influenced by such improvement? SamyRoad, an agency specializing in influencer marketing, clarifies its main advantages in five points, which will be decisive for many brands in their results at the end of the year, with Christmas in between.

Great Boost for The Direct Sale of Products

Thanks to the inclusion of this type of technology within Instagram, the direct sale of products can be significantly boosted this Christmas, which benefits both the platform and the brands and users who seek to be up to date in trends. «Users will no longer have to remember to know what product their favorite influencer mentioned in the last Philippines phone lookup direct and then have to search for it outside the platform. With this new modality, the user can make the purchase in a single click, without abandoning the live stream they are watching, and getting their product instantly”, says Ainhoa ​​Brenes, Client Service Director at SamyRoad.

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Instagram intends to get closer to its users and offer fun and differential live shopping tools. For this reason, it has launched a series of lives shopping that, together with the brands, will incorporate exclusive products and recommendations from influencers to maximize interest.

Exclusive Products for Exclusive Users

Instagram directs are special because despite the fact that they can be saved. They present an immediacy that the rest of the content does not have. Something like “either you see it now, or you miss it”. Being able to immediately buy exclusive products further encourages the user to consume this type of content”, adds Brenes.

As a first approach, Instagram has created a series of activations that will take place during the months of November and December, the most important for brands in terms of sales, whose content ranges from gift guides to influencer collections. Being a testing modality, brands must be agile to implement it in their strategies, since after December nobody knows what can happen.

Assured visibility
This is why its indecipherable algorithm helps to achieve it. We do not dare to give an exact percentage of growth since that will depend a lot on the brand. And the strategy it follows, but what is clear is that it is a new tool. That Instagram is going to support very much. That it is going to encourage its use. and visibility within the platform”. Says Brenes from SamyRoad. In fact, during this first launch. Instagram will support brands to maximize their sales by offering a 20% discount to users. Who first make the purchase in the app and free shipping on certain purchases.

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