sign as reviewers. They should also advise editors if they consider that the work is not original or has been published or is under review for another publication, Solomon Islands Email List or they detect similarities or overlaps with other published works. A very positive aspect in the recommendations is to suggest bibliographic references of fundamental works possibly forgotten by the author. However, Solomon Islands Email List these academic indications should not be confused with the unethical recommendation of citing the publications themselves, whatever the focus of the revised manuscript, in what is bad reviewer practice. Finally, confidential information Solomon Islands Email List or information obtained during the peer review process cannot be used for personal

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purposes and it must be guaranteed that there Solomon Islands Email List are no conflicts of interest. The processes of academic selection of the manuscript by a scientific journal Ignacio Solomon Islands Email List | February 17 Scientific journals, with international standards and editorial prestige, are very rigorous and transparent with their manuscript selection processes, Solomon Islands Email List acknowledging receipt of the works sent by the authors and informing by mail and / or on their management platform of the entire process of estimation / rejection, and acceptance Solomon Islands Email List / rejection, and in case of acceptance, the editing process. selection-06On the official websites

Solomon Islands Email List

they offer the complete rules of the publication, as well Solomon Islands Email List as complementary instruments such as the check prior to sending the manuscript, the shipping documents Solomon Islands Email List (if applicable, cover letter and fillable cover), the guide for managing the flow in the OJS (platform), and even Solomon Islands Email List publicize the evaluation protocols for external reviewers, so that the authors know perfectly what is going to be evaluated. Once the work has been submitted, the quality magazines have publicized the times of the entire process, explicitly Solomon Islands Email List committing to its fulfillment. For example, in ‘Communicate’, in a maximum period of 30 days,

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