after the references. The proliferation of scientific Bolivia WhatsApp Number List literature and the number of academic articles that a researcher can currently find in databases, make it really useful and profitable – every day more – the need to include this section of “key ideas” to ensure Bolivia WhatsApp Number List greater visibility and a more efficient scope of the results and contributions made , ensuring a wake-up call to those academics, Bolivia WhatsApp Number List scientists and readers who may be interested in our research. It is one more resource available to the researcher so that his research does not go unnoticed. Google is a powerful database in which Bolivia WhatsApp Number List everything fits. That is its main strength, but it is also one of its weaknesses.

Using a Video Squeeze Page for List Building

the academic field, Google Scholar is a search engine that Bolivia WhatsApp Number List collects citations, links to books and chapters, articles in scientific journals, communications and conference presentations, scientific-technical reports, bibliographic reviews, academic works and different types of Bolivia WhatsApp Number List documents and files that have been published. uploaded to repositories (even academic programs). Bolivia WhatsApp Number List The visibility of scientific production is a rising value in academia. Hence, the Google Scholar Metrics (Bolivia WhatsApp Number List ) tool has become an important resource for both researchers and journals, since it allows

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

establishing the impact index of scientific authors and publications, from the citations that are collected in Google Scholar. SGM Together with Bolivia WhatsApp Number List (Web of Science) and Scopus , Google Scholar Metrics (GSM) is a benchmark for positioning researchers and journals in different areas of knowledge. Each of these databases offers indicators and metrics that provide the much desired visibility, with its lights and shadows. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List and Scopus have the most prestigious and recognized traditional indices, with which the impact factors of journals have been assessed through the counting of citations (Bolivia WhatsApp Number List , SJR). Interestingly, GSM indexes more than doubleof journals than SJR (Scopus)

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